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Interior Design Schools in Michigan - MI

Do your friends always ask you for advice on how to decorate their houses? Are you constantly helping pick paint colors, carpet patterns, and window treatments? Do you wish you were? If so, you should consider Michigan interior design schools. You'll learn the specifics of the interior design industry and have the opportunity to develop your own personal style through hands-on training.

While you'll be introduced to a wide range of styles and approaches to design during your interior design studies, you'll also have the opportunity to see various styles up close and personal in Michigan. The Wolverine State has a varied geography that encompasses everything from urban hotspots (like Detroit or the capital of Lansing) to summer and winter retreats like Mackinac Island or the Saginaw Valley. Such geographic variety leads to diverse decorating trends as well - it's hard to pin down a specific "Michigan style" of interior decorating. 

However, in the lake and country homes, bed and breakfasts, and cottages that are popular among Michigan tourists, you'll likely see a lot of French Country and Cottage Country interiors. French Country incorporates design elements like flowered fabrics, faded or whitewashed wood furniture or moldings, colors like yellows and blues, floor tiles, and so on. It is considered to be a balanced mix of elegant country and rustic styles. Cottage Country likewise uses floral patterns, as well as fruit-patterned fabrics. Pastel colors like pale greens and blues, as well as pink, mauve, and peach are typical of the Cottage Country look. Furniture is often made of painted wicker, and accent pieces may include cottage-type herbs or flowers.

If you're interested in learning more about interior decorating and design in Michigan, click on any of the links below to learn more about Michigan interior design schools and what they can do for you and your career.