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Kitchen Design Schools

Are you interested in interior design but looking to specialize? Do you enjoy working with a mixture of aesthetics and functionality? If so, then kitchen design schools could put you on track to a new, successful career.

Kitchen design is an extremely subjective art, so it requires working closely with your clients to produce something that you can both be proud of. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when designing a kitchen, including the following:

  • Kitchen usage: Will the client be using the kitchen only for cooking, or does the client also want an eat-in area?
  • Safety issues: Are there kids in the house?
  • Cooking frequency: How often does the client cook, and for how many people?
  • Other special needs: Will they need more prep space, built-in storage bins, a larger pantry? The plumbing and appliances need to be properly placed, and some clients may want TVs or sound systems integrated into their cooking space as well.

In addition, kitchen designers need to be familiar with the wide range of design styles popular today so that the kitchen integrates well with the rest of the home interior. If the adjacent dining room is decorated in a Mountain Lodge style, a designer may have to sway their clients from redecorating the kitchen in a European Eclectic style - or have enough style pizzazz to know how to gently blend the two!

As with any type of interior design, kitchen decorating and design is a challenging but rewarding job that requires style, patience, and - more than anything - knowledge. To learn more about kitchen design schools and how to get started, click on the links below and request complimentary information now!

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