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Interior Design Schools in Florida

The state of Florida has some of the biggest, most luxurious houses in the world because it is a hotspot for celebrity vacation homes. The rich and famous flock to Miami, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and other Florida cities to enjoy beautiful weather year-round and to live in magnificent homes that reflect a number of styles and influences.

Some of the more popular architectural and interior design styles in Florida include Florida vernacular, Mediterranean, Southern Plantation, and Art Deco. No matter which style or combination of styles is used, Florida interior designers are often faced with the challenging but fun task of integrating the interior space with the outdoors. In fact, design elements such as outdoor kitchens or even outdoor living rooms are becoming more popular in areas like Southern Florida, where tropical weather keeps residents warm all year. 

Tropical and coastal designs - featuring natural fibers, wooden furniture, and colors brought in from the oceans and warm skies - prevail throughout Florida homes. In addition, Mediterranean and Moroccan-inspired interiors are very popular, with rich reds and hand-crafted pottery, tiles, and rugs.In contrast, the stark Florida Modernism style - which uses design elements such as glass blocks, glass panels, metals, and plastics - was all the rage in the 1920s and 1940s and can still be found in abundance in Miami Beach. 

If you are interested in working in an area that has a plethora of extravagant clients looking for experienced designers, then you should start your career today with one of Florida's interior design schools. The first step toward a successful career is the appropriate education, which Florida interior design schools can provide. To learn more about how to get started on your education, simply click on the links below.